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While supplies last, buy six Heartgard Plus get one tablet free, buy twelve Heartgard Plus get two tablets free!! 
Don't forget that Advantage/Advantixx and Frontline specials end soon! 

Introducing the NEWEST product in the fight against fleas and ticks! NEXGARD  is a once a month chewable treat for dogs. If you have difficulty applying topical flea and tick treatments to your dog, NEXGARD is for you!  Call with an update on this exciting new breakthrough product. 
Remember to treat your dog year round for heartworm....We sometimes see mosquitos in all months of the year. Also we recommend continued treatment for flea treatment if there are any possibility of fleas still in the home. Don't forget...Start treating early in the spring for fleas and ticks to avoid problems when the warm weather arrives.​

Worried about Fleas and Ticks? Ask us about SERESTO collar! For cats and dogs, SERESTO collars protect your pet for 8 MONTHS.  Safe and effective, you can put it on at the beginning of flea and tick season, and there's no monthly application to your pet. Right now, you can get a $15 rebate on your SERESTO collar. Call or stop by to see us if you have any questions.
Did you know that April is HEARTWORM AWARENESS month? Yes, Heartworm disease is still alive and well (unfortunately) in our state and other areas of the U.S. Heartworm disease (HWD) has been diagnosed in all states, and is spreading due to the ease of travel these days. In many ways, HWD is a silent disease, and can affect your pet with no signs for years. However, damage to your pet's lungs, heart and other organs is taking place. HWD does not discriminate. Some people don't believe that their animal can be exposed, but it only takes one mosquito biting an infected dog, then that mosquito biting your dog, to get HWD. Yet it's so easy to prevent! Yearly testing, to make sure your pet is free from existing disease and then  monthly, year round treatment, is all that's needed to prevent it!! As an added bonus, when testing yearly for HWD, we are also testing for three tick borne diseases. Although rare, cats can also get HWD. Please let us know if you have any questions.